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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our products and services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, please contact us. We may sound like jerks, but this is what we get asked frequently.

When will my order ship?

I know no one like to wait but all items are made to order and estimated lead time is an estimated 4-6 weeks. Large orders and special request items may take up to 1 week longer. Keep in mind you are buying a one of a kind 100% handmade product and quality is our only goal, not quantity, so this lead time is only an estimate of expected delivery. We are only a one-man shop so please have patience. Please do not email us and ask when your order is going to ship if it has not been 4 weeks from the date you ordered.

Custom Knife Sheaths

When sending in your knife for us to build a custom sheath, make sure you get your specifications correct. We do not refund on custom sheaths because we can't resale it. There has to be someone wanting that exact sheath for that exact knife. We are not Walmart and can't just hold on to it. Please remember this when ordering your custom sheath.

I sold my gun and I want to exchange my holster for another holster, but I purchased it over 2 years ago. The holsters are in excellent condition and not worn. Can I exchange them?

I am not in the business to sell used holsters. We have your name and we can look up your orders to see when you bought them, so if it's past the 7 days from when you bought it, it's yours. It is not fair for us to take a used holster and sell if for half price and then you get a brand new holster. I don't think any customer would want to receive a used holster. Plus, prices go up so I can't exactly exchange holster for holster. If you sell your gun, how is that my fault? Sell the holster with the gun, or you can sell it on eBay. Or sell it through gun blogs and gun shows (yes, there are people who buy used holsters). Please don't email us asking to exchange for something you know you've had for a while. We know a used holster when we see one.

Are the In-Stock items subject to the current wait time?

No, the In-Stock items ship within 3-5 business days and are not subject to the current lead time. The disclaimer you agree to is ONLY for the NON-stock items as it is described. You have to agree to this disclaimer for your order to be processed, but your In-Stock items are not subject to the disclaimer.

Why hasn't my order shipped?

I purchased it and my credit card was billed 2 weeks or so ago.
If your order does not say IN-STOCK before it, then it is a custom order and will have to be made. All of the In-Stock items do not give you options in color, lining or belt size; they are all built the same. It is subject to the current lead time. Yes, we are redundant about this statement because it seems people cannot read and like to argue!!! So you didn't see this, look on the home page, look on the store page, look on the Lead Time page, look on the disclaimer that says... Yes I understand when you check out... I think you did.

Pocket Holsters and Pocket Wallets

These holsters can only be made to fit the gun and do not magically shrink the gun. Most of them will require a large pocket such as cargo pants, coat pockets, and vest pockets. Pants or jeans need to be loose fitting or relaxed fit. The wallet panel does not hide the gun. It breaks up the imprint of the gun in your pocket.

So, if you wear tight fitting pants please don't buy a pocket holster or PWC and expect to conceal the weapon properly. Please use common sense.

IWB, Tuckable and Dual Carry Holsters

All IWB type holsters are designed to carry inside the waist and will require loose fitting pants that will allow you to conceal the weapon in the pants. These holsters do not magically shrink the gun in any way. Plan to loosen up your belt a notch to make room for the weapon and the holster. Before you buy your first IWB type holster, try your gun in the pants and place it in several different positions to see what works best for you. If you wear tight pants then an IWB type holster is not for you. Again use common sense.

Leather Color

My standard color on all my products is Saddle Brown. This is a natural color of the leather with an oil finish and contains no dye or pigment...**PLEASE NOTE WHEN DYING HOLSTERS, THE DYE DOES SHRINK THE LEATHER FOR A TIGHTER FIT. WE DYE THE ITEMS AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN MOLDED AND DRIED. IF YOU WILL KEEP YOUR GUN IN THE HOLSTER AND WORK IT AROUND AND WEAR IT, THE LEATHER WILL RELAX.

Black Leather is dyed with the highest quality dye money can buy. However, it contains a black pigment that can rub off on light colored clothing. Even though we use a permanent finish, it can still rub off if the holster gets wet from sweat, rain, etc. So use caution when wearing with light colored clothing.

Dark Brown, Mahogany and Chocolate Leather is dyed with the highest quality dye money can buy. However, it contains a dark pigment that can rub off on light colored clothing. Even though we use a permanent finish, it can still rub off if the holster gets wet from sweat, rain etc. So use caution when wearing with light colored clothing.

Natural items should not be used with any dyed items or saddle brown. The color will bleed off on your natural holster/belt and the saddle brown will leave dark marks on your belt or holster.

Dual Carry Holster

The Dual Carry holster has a forward cant and is made to be worn at the 4:00-5:00 position behind the hip. It cannot be worn in the cross-draw position or small of the back.

Holster Lining

Holster Lining is a smooth leather that is added to the inside of the holster and will be oiled or dyed the same color as the holster. Lining is a veg tanned leather that helps protect the finish on your gun and makes for a smoother draw. I do not use suede or any other type lining. Suede is tanned with salts that will rust your gun.


We try to answer all our emails in a timely manner but, we can only answer so many emails a day and make holsters, too. We get about 200-300 emails a day, so if you do not get a speedy response, that is why. So please be patient and we will get to your questions.

Leather Break-in Period and Care

All holsters are molded and boned for a perfect fit. It is just like a new pair of boots; they do require a break-in period. I recommend wearing the holster as much as you can with the gun in the holster and leaving the gun in the holster when not in use. This will help the break-in process. If you get any scratches or scuffs, I recommend using Tan-Kote, which is available in our online store or any leather goods store such as Tandy Leather. Dying a holster, mag holder or knife sheath will shrink the leather and requires a little more time to break in. We fit all the guns in the dyed holsters before they are shipped to make sure the fit is perfect.

We now ship anywhere in the world.

Please contact us for details. We use USPS, so please don't send us a fake email stating you want us to ship a large quantity out of the country and use your shipper. We know this is fraud and will turn you in.

We cannot ship any elephant items out of the country due to Customs Law. If you order an elephant item and you live outside the US, we will cancel your order and refund your credit card.

Can I order an IN-STOCK item and add tooling?

No, to add tooling, lining, dye or an exotic skin, the leather has to be in natural form and not molded. Please DO NOT order an in-stock item with any tooling, lining, dye or exotic skin; it will be subject to the current time frame.

What is the difference between the Tuckable and IWB Holster?

The Tuckable IWB has an adjustable cant and comes with the metal clip and Jumbo J-Hook. You can use the Tuckable belt loop attachment with this holster. The IWB has a fixed cant and metal clip. No, you cannot adjust anything with this holster; it is made to be slim and comfortable.

What is the cant for the Bodyguard, Dual Carry or Belt Slide?

The Bodyguard Holster and Dual Carry have the same 25 degree forward cant and are worn at the 4-5:00 position right behind the hip. The Belt Slide and Combat holsters have a 10 degree forward cant and are worn at the 2-3:00 position.

Do you make a Thumb Break Strap?

No, we do not make any of our holsters with a thumb break strap. There are many holster makers out there that do make them. We can put a retention strap on the holster for an additional $20.00, but when we alter our design in any way, it voids the refund and exchange policy unless it is a defect on our part.

Can you leave off your maker's stamp or put it on the back?

Have you called the executives at Nike to leave off the swoosh? Or how about Kimber? Think they will leave it off? Do you think the Duck Commanders would leave their logo off? NOPE, not by the hair of their chin!! NO!!! We won't do it either. That is our product and we are proud of it. If you don't want to promote our logo, then go somewhere else.


There is a cancellation fee or restocking fee... I didn't see that in your store???

Yes, there is a 15% fee to cancel. We are charged a fee by Visa, AE, MC and Discover to take your credit card and to refund your credit card. Why is it our fault that you changed your mind? There is a 20% restocking fee on returns or exchanges. For exchanges, please contact us before sending back the item. FYI...why yes it is customary to charge a fee. We are not Walmart and everything we sell is not imported. People, this is handmade stuff in Azle, TX, to your specifications. Oh, you didn't see it, look on the Store Page, Lead Time page and we send a disclaimer with every order.

If I custom order a holster and I don't like it, can I return it for an exchange or refund?

Border tooling, dying or exotics will be eligible for refund as long as it is within the 7-day return policy. If we do not have the mold and we use your gun, then it's not refundable because it is not a mold that we offer. If you put your initials or a retention strap on the holster, it voids the return policy. Any time we alter our original design to suit your needs, it is not returnable.

My order is In-Stock, so why hasn't it shipped?

Again, if your order has IN-Stock before the holster as in "In-Stock Bodyguard for 1911 3" then it ships within 3-5 business days. If you ordered a Custom Holster and chose your belt size, color, lining etc., then it's not in stock!! Yes, we may have the holster in the IN-Stock section but it is not what you ordered because you were specific. Yes, we used to send our IN-Stock items to the Custom orders because they ordered one for 1 1/2" holes on that Bodyguard, but dang it, they got mad and sent it back... thought we were doing you a favor, but nope, they would rather wait the current lead time...even though it's not that big of difference.

What is SOB?

SOB is SMALL OF THE BACK. Even though we do not make a true SOB holster, some of our IWB holsters can be worn SOB. Now, if you are a Right-Handed Shooter and want to carry SOB, then you would want a RH SOB holster with a Palm Out Draw. That tells us that you need a LH holster. IF you are a Left-Hand Shooter and want to carry SOB, then you want LH SOB holster with a Palm Out Draw. That tells us to send you a RH holster. It is a common mistake for people to make the wrong selection because it can be very confusing. Just remember, if you are LH then order LH SOB, if you are RH then order RH SOB...all should be good.

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